Pupil Laptop Offer

Technology at a great price

The Romero Catholic Academy is implementing a scheme to allow families to purchase digital technologies to support pupil learning outside the classroom. Covid 19 has increased the pressure on children to learn in different ways and we want to ensure that all families have adequate technology to learn at home if required. The following information explains why we have introduced the scheme and the benefits to you of purchasing via the scheme.

Why have we launched the scheme?

First and foremost the introduction of the scheme is about pupil’s learning and achievement. We are mindful that pupils may already have devices which are suitable for accessing technology at home, but this is not the case for every family or pupil. 

We believe strongly that devices will enhance the excellent teaching and learning that is already happening in our classrooms, rather than replace it. It is not our intention to move away from the more “traditional” methods of learning, but to provide access to the most appropriate method for each learning activity, including home learning if necessary.

Your child is living in a world where access to technology as an aid to learning is becoming more and more important, as is digital competency in the world beyond school, for which we want to prepare them as fully as possible. Appropriate, and safe, use of technology will allow our pupils to get the most from an already rich curriculum. In recent years there has been a huge increase in the quality and availability of electronic educational resources, and we use these extensively at The Romero.

For many learning activities pupils relate to – and enjoy – using contemporary technology both at home and at school. However, they also need guidance and support to use this technology constructively and safely, and to make considered choices. We believe that the benefits of accessing enhanced technology for our pupils are powerful, but equally important is the time we invest to educate the pupils on becoming digitally literate and digitally safe throughout their time at The Romero.

Why only one choice of device?

We intend to offer 1 chromebook for Cardinal Wiseman pupils as it is a google site and one windows device for primary school pupils as they use an office 365 platform.

Acer Chromebook Spin 511 (Flip & Touch) – Education Edition
Acer TravelMate B3 Spin (Flip & Touch) Laptop

What is a suitable device? 

The criteria we would expect a device to fulfil in order for it to be successful within our schools can be found enclosed in the attached documents below, which gives an extended explanation of the individual criteria in the specification.

Purchasing through a school recommended supplier

Please see the two attached documents below for more information on purchasing a device through our school supplier. The first, “Device Purchasing Scheme” gives details about the purchasing scheme and the device and warranty options available. The second, “Ordering with System Active”, gives all the information about purchasing and collection of devices.

You can now purchase a device through our school supplier by clicking on the link here: https://www.tech4learners.co.uk/users/login

Set up guides 

You opt for home delivery and can find a number of guides that you and your child can work through to set up your device.

Contacting the school for further information

If you have any queries that have not been answered here, please get in touch using the following email address: tech4learners@freedomtech.co.uk

How to order & pricing

Please view the flyers below for information on how to order and pricing.

Cardinal Wiseman Flyer

St John Fisher Flyer

St Patricks Flyer

St Gregorys Flyer

SS Peter & Paul Flyer

Corpus Christi Flyer

Good Shepherd Flyer

Sacred Heart Flyer